1. 15-04-14 Head study process

    (Source: vimeo.com)


  2. 14-04-14 Head study process

    (Source: vimeo.com)


  3. Two photo studies from recent days. All for warmup. First took 2.5 hrs. Second took 2 hrs.


  4. Morning warmup. 2hrs.


  5. Sketch from last week.


  6. Warmup digital sketch for today. From reference. 45mins.


  7. A series of three posters combined by the theme “Polytical” a playful combination of the notions of politics and the main ingredient of 3d graphics - polygons. The series is featured in the Spring salon of fine arts, Veliko Tarnovo, Bulgaria. 


  8. A character from a master class in comic art, which was last week in university. The name of the character is Plam, which means flame. She is a god, descended from heaven to defend humankind from her evil brother Vihar (Whirlwind). The story has more to it than this but if I continue developing it, I will share more.


  9. A scene I did on blender the last week or so. It started with a grayscale and color thumbnails. I gathered a couple of reference boards, and got cracking. Most of the hours spent were tweaking and learning as much as I can about rendering and compositing.  
    The tree is made by the opensource plant generation software ngPlant. All of the scene was rendered in Blender Cycles, except the volumetric lighting. The scene didn’t turn out as I planned it, but I feel the learning process was well worth it.


  10. Some recent life studies.