1. Some sketches from today, while waiting for a render


  2. An hour of sketches from today


  3. A recent side project I did for a contest. The contest was to make a project for a 3d printed statuette, which would serve for a cosplay contest prize.


  4. All my gesture sketches from today.


  5. Gesture drawings made with Krita. Most of them are 2 minutes long, some are 1 or 5 minutes.


  6. Some 30 second gestures and a 2 hour study from the last couple of days.


  7. Finally some sketches, after more than a month of 3d and software stuff. I need to get myself back into shape.


  8. Playing with grass in Blender - Hair particles and post-production in Blender

    Based on a tutorial by Gleb Alexandrov:


  9. A character called The Gentleman, based on a description by Alexander Totev.

    The character is known under many aliases, but the most popular is The Gentleman. He has remarkable dexterity with firearms - mainly his two revolvers, and beside that he has a mechanical heart, which keeps him alive. The only partner he has is the raven that seems to be protecting him for no apparent reason. His solitude may only be explained with his very strict and very deformed sense of honor, duty and etiquette.


  10. First steps in Krita!