1. A figure study based on grayscale reference. Took me 3 hours in Krita.


  2. Some studies from recent days.


  3. An industrial design sketch I did for a project. Also a couple of loose studies I made in Krita, experimenting with various tools and techniques.


  4. Some sketches from today, while waiting for a render


  5. An hour of sketches from today


  6. A recent side project I did for a contest. The contest was to make a project for a 3d printed statuette, which would serve for a cosplay contest prize.


  7. All my gesture sketches from today.


  8. Gesture drawings made with Krita. Most of them are 2 minutes long, some are 1 or 5 minutes.


  9. Some 30 second gestures and a 2 hour study from the last couple of days.


  10. Finally some sketches, after more than a month of 3d and software stuff. I need to get myself back into shape.